SalesCatcher is an automotive email marketing tool; it is designed to help Internet Sales Managers respond to pricing request. SalesCatcher will quickly gather all pertinent information on the requested vehicle; such as pricing, current incentives, equipment list, pictures, etc. Also, we will automatically include two pre-owned similar vehicles from your inventory as less expensive options.

Don’t be limited by your new car inventory. SalesCatcher patent pending Invoice Engine allows you to quote any vehicle from your manufacturer locator (supported brands only). When dealing with online shoppers, it is important to get the least expensive relevant quote delivered immediately. Why not quote the least expensive option available anywhere or the exact car the shopper requested regardless of your inventory limitations? SalesCatcher can do that for you, and it will help move more of your shoppers to buyers.

Our handcrafted email quotes are designed to get you delivered to the customer’s inbox and stand out. Our emails have a long proven track record of getting online shoppers moved off the computer and onto your lot.