Since October 2009, SalesCatcher has been helping automotive internet sales reps to succeed in email sales conversion. Our valuable quoting tool is easy to use, and it creates and delivers HTML emails that attract attention, drives leads off your computer onto your lot, and builds your internet department.

The early ideas of SalesCatcher started in 2007 in an internet department of a Buick/GMC dealership located in Orange County, CA. The first thing we recognized is you have to able to quote off the manufacturer locator, so we created our patent pending SC Invoice Engine. We also noticed that it’s time-consuming collecting all the relevant data like pricing, pictures, incentives, pre-owned options, etc., so we automated that.

Recognizing that auto dealerships are the specialist in all things cars but staying on the cutting edge of email marketing is a challenge, so we are our dealer’s email marketing consultants. Too many emails end up in SPAM or worse get bounced, so we created an email delivery system that is designed to get delivered into the shopper’s inbox while separating you from your competition.

In the beginning, we were four automotive sales and marketing people who saw a need and decided to plug it. With $9,000 seed money and with a lot of elbow grease we all started working from our home offices and kitchen tables. Our original version was written within Microsoft Excel, and many of those first customers are still with us and remember that (it brings a chuckle to us now). We are very proud to have one of the most loyal customer bases in automotive sales software. But we must admit, sometimes this makes it difficult for us to keep our feet on the ground.

Today we are a profitable company that is growing fast. But our mission has never changed; we focus on what is important for our clients. So we are always working on new products to help you increase your bottom line, like our new SC Content Follow-up. Just another way we put you and your customers first in every product we introduce.

And in that vein, we recently launched a new blog (emailautosales.com) who’s sole purpose is to educate automotive sales professionals who want to learn how to maximize email marketing and be more profitable. This blog is a free resource that focuses on a different aspect of email marketing every week.

We believe in proving our value before you have to pay a dime. So, register for your free 30-day trial and see why you will never go back to converting internet leads without the help of SalesCatcher again.